Thursday, February 17, 2011

COEX Baby Fair

Today we went to the COEX Baby Fair in Seoul. We arrived 30 minutes before the doors opened and were not at all surprised to encounter hundreds of parents, babies & strollers waiting in line (a line which stretched far far beyond the large pillar on the left side of the picture).  The banner is funny. It says: "see you again in August!" How very impatient and presumptuous of the organizers. Lest they forget we're all still waiting in line for February's exhibition.

It was our third baby fair (we were at both the COEX & KINTEX fairs last year) but our first time as models. That's right people, I said models! An expat mom we know, "Mommy Cha", is the distributor of Moby Wrap in Korea. We assisted her in advertising by carrying Logan around in a Moby Wrap while we perused the fair and shopped. Here are Clark and Logan getting suited up (Clark's getting lessons direct from the Moby queen herself, Sarah "Mommy" Cha^^)

Logan spent 4 hours in the Moby (even slept and ate while in it) and enjoyed himself immensely. We used to have a different sort of baby sling/carrier, but neither Logan nor we liked it very much; we find the Moby Wrap to be exceptionally more comfortable and convenient.

Logan's becoming quite a flirt, learning how to bat his long lashes at passersby. We were bombarded by quite a lot of inquisitive people. One pair of women actually asked Clark: "Is he a doll or a real baby?" Several other people recognized us from being on TV last week (>.<) And, of course, lots of people commented on or wanted to ask questions about the Moby Wrap.

The fair was really big and there was lots to see (over 150 vendors, I think) We did a lot of "eye shopping", as they say in Korea, but didn't really buy anything ~ unless you count one pack of food storage containers and a bath towel. What we were really after was a high chair, but the cheapest one we could find was over 300,000won, and some priced as high as 600,000! Silly me thought we could pick one up for under 150,000won. Craigslist, here I come (again)...

Though the prices weren't to my liking, this sign was.

It was a very long, but happy day at the baby fair. We were even lucky enough to be treated to lunch and given a free Moby Wrap ~ thanks Mommy Cha!^^

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