Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm 3 Months Old!

Me in my awesome Barbapapa fuzzy sleeper
Hello everyone! It’s me, Logan (also affectionately known as: Bubby, Bubbles, Bubba Bear, Bubba-boo, and Grumpy Monkey). Today I’m 3 months old (or 92 days as Koreans prefer to count). I’m growing up fast. I'm already 25 inches long and weigh 14lbs 9oz. Can you believe it? I have to wear 6-9months clothing because I’m such a big boy! I’m a super cute boy, too! I’ve got two adorable dimples, a heart-melting ‘gummy’ smile, and the best pout this side of the Pacific. I’m quite talkative; I tend to coo away the morning and have recently figured out how to shriek and squeal when I’m super excited about something. I’m fascinated by the things on the ends of my arms; Mommy says they’re called “hands”. Whatever they’re called ~ I love them! They’re good for waving around, grabbing at and holding things, and endless hours of gazing pleasure. Did you know you can suck on them, too? But I haven’t figured out quite yet how to get the whole thing into my mouth at once, so I make a lot of funny smacking and slurping sounds which Mommy and Daddy find quite amusing. I’m getting pretty strong. I especially like it when Daddy lets me practice standing up (it can be pretty darn boring lying down all day); I can hold my own weight for a surprising amount of time. I’m also getting quite good at holding my head up during tummy time.  Sometimes I can even use my arms to push my chest up and off the floor. Mommy can’t wait for the day I figure out how to roll over. She’s got the camera on standby. I don’t know who Fisher Price is, but whoever he is, he’s awesome! My Rainforest Play Gym is way-cool and I also like kickin’ back in my vibrating bouncy chair. Mommy has explained that if I’m a good boy, a man named Santa is going to bring me more of Fisher Price dudes stuff. Can’t wait^^

Me and Mommy - a cute pair

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Does anyone  know of any support groups for Craigslist addiction? I may need one. I've discovered the sheer genius of buying/selling used wares on-line and now can't seem to stop myself. Clark better be careful I don't put the apartment up for sale one day while he's at work (kidding, but appealing if I stop a second to think about it). I've made hundreds this month selling off stuff around the house that we don't use: DVD player, pillows, breastpump, Nintendo Gamecube, and books galore. After I've gotten rid of all the books, I have secret plans to sell the bookcase. Really. And I'm definitely going to do some closet cleaning when I get a chance. Thankfully, I'm more into selling than buying, though I did buy Logan's Play Gym from a random stranger (don't worry ~ I washed it) and am now on the prowl for a Bumbo Seat.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nanny

Logan has a new nanny. Her name is Josie and she's a wonderful Filipina woman to whom Logan has taken an immediate shine! I've become increasingly claustrophobic as of late, so I've taken on a temporary job; full-time from 9-6pm but only until the end of the month. As much as I enjoy being out of the house (and making money^^), I come home every evening dismayed to find Logan perfectly content and seemingly oblivious to the fact that mommy hasn't been home all day. I'm definitely interested in continuing to work, but for Logan's sake (or mine?) will look for something part-time so we can have the afternoons together.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hellooooooooo :)

Welcome to South Korea! You didn't even need to leave your living room ~ lucky you! It's my intention to keep you updated on what's happening in our lives. So, come back often to see what we're up to. :P