Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Weekend

This weekend, we seized the rare opportunity to relax. It's midterms week, so I've had less pressure at work and will have the next two weeks off entirely (allowing me more time to study), so I decided there was no better way to spend my newly found, albeit short-lived, free time than with my boys.

After stopping by Homeplus on Saturday for some much needed baby-proofing gear, we enjoyed a quiet walk in the park.

The official end to the cherry blossom 'season' was over a week ago, but as you can see from the pictures, an arbitrarily chosen calendar date does not necessitate an end to all blossoms.

This couple thought the blossoms would make a perfect backdrop for their special day.

But while cherry blossoms are nice and all, this, in my opinion, is far cooler ...

On Sunday, we enjoyed a lovely spring picnic in Paldal Mountain behind Hwaseong Palace. The temperature was just right (sunny and moderately warm with a light breeze) and the company was great (members of AFEK ~ Association of F-class Expatriates in Korea). Essentially, AFEK is an on-line community of foreign residents who live and work in Korea long-term; the majority of whom are, like me, married to a Korean national. We were pleasantly surprised to have the chance to meet seven families from the Suwon area.

We packed kimbab, pine nuts, and fruit.

But also got the chance to eat the most delicious vegan food ever created, courtesy of Jill. Clark and I are both now obsessed with chili cornmeal crusted tofu (yeah yeah, think whatever you want). Jill and her husband SangRo brought a vegan feast fit for royalty, and for which Clark quickly abandoned our meager pickings in favour of.

Here are a few more shots from the day.

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  1. The blossoms are beautiful. I am so glad you are a part of this group. Glad you took time to be with your fine boys and relaxed. Love Mom