Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congdu 콩두

My 35th birthday came and went like a silent fart in the night. It felt rather dramatic to realize I'm halfway to 70 (ugggghhh), but the day itself passed without much brouhaha. Of course I received some lovely comment posts from Facebook well-wishers and a 'Happy Birthday' hug from Clark and Logan, but it was just life as usual and a far cry from my 'younger' birthdays when I used to play hooky from school and do naughty stuff with friends, or end the working day in a pub with 100+ of the students/staff from KGIC.

In lieu of anything too rousing (I am, afterall, an old bag now^^), Clark and I left Logan with the sitter and went out for a belated birthday lunch on the weekend. I originally had my sights set on a Brazilian Churrascaria or German sausauge restaurant, but ended up deciding that neither was conducive to my diet (lost 3kg so far^^). On a recommendation, we went to Congdu 콩두 (located inside theSeoul National History Museum), a "Neo-Korean" restaurant featuring soy-based menu items. 'Cong' 콩 means 'bean'. Clark and I had the "White Course". 

Salad with yam crisps and soft tofu in a light soy sauce.

Steak Tartar with caviar marinated in soy sauce ~ aged 5, 10 & 15 years.

[Seaweed consumme with rice cakes ~ forgot to take a picture :( ]

The best steak I've had in Korea to date

Chestnut icecream with raspberry sauce & whipped soy topping.



  1. Happy late birthday!!! And congrats on the 3 kg :)
    I've heard about that restaurant. Do they have a selection of dishes for vegetarians? It would be so nice to find another restaurant my meat loving husband and I could both equally enjoy.

  2. Hey, I figured out the problem with commenting. Check it out:

    Happy belated and the food pics look so delic! I will have to check that restaurant out one day.

  3. msleetobe ~ lunch at Congdu is a choice of three sets, and none was entirely vegetarian. But I believe if you went for dinner, you'd be in luck because you can order a la carte :D