Sunday, November 21, 2010


Does anyone  know of any support groups for Craigslist addiction? I may need one. I've discovered the sheer genius of buying/selling used wares on-line and now can't seem to stop myself. Clark better be careful I don't put the apartment up for sale one day while he's at work (kidding, but appealing if I stop a second to think about it). I've made hundreds this month selling off stuff around the house that we don't use: DVD player, pillows, breastpump, Nintendo Gamecube, and books galore. After I've gotten rid of all the books, I have secret plans to sell the bookcase. Really. And I'm definitely going to do some closet cleaning when I get a chance. Thankfully, I'm more into selling than buying, though I did buy Logan's Play Gym from a random stranger (don't worry ~ I washed it) and am now on the prowl for a Bumbo Seat.

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