Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Clean

As a parent, when your child exhibits certain behaviour you start to wonder if maybe your *mild* case of OCD and anal retentive personality are a bit more pronounced than you ever led yourself to believe . At just 17mths old, Logan regularly:

- confidently proclaims "duh-ty" and runs to the trash can with his dirty (just changed) diaper in hand.
- wants nothing more than to help with the vacuuming and dusting
- closes the childproof locks on the kitchen cabinets should they be left open by his forgetful parents.
- announces that it's "col" (cold) and runs to close the sliding glass door leading to the veranda (in an effort to save on the heating bill?).
- puts all of his dishes and cups (and sometimes books, toys, and socks^^) into the kitchen sink when he's finished with them.
- (after an outing of any kind) dutifully sits down to take off his boots, hat, and coat, then marches to the bathroom to wash his hands.
- gets upset if shoes are not immediately put into the shoe cupboard (this one he picked up at daycare though, not from me)
- runs in a cloud of happy delirium to the bathroom to brush his teeth and, of course, returns his toothbrush to the sink when he's done.
- cleans up all of his milk/juice spills with the kitchen tea towel.
- recycles (in the correct container no less!) yogurt containers, juice boxes, straws, and cheese wrappers among other things.
- requests the food garbage bag so that he might throw away banana and orange peels.

Oh, how I love my Bubba :)

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  1. I have to admit that I was totally captivated by your blog! Although, I was searching through the internet for something entirely different (daycares for intellectual dissabilities children in Korea... last time my dissertation reaserch hooked me to asian dramas... oh bother) I found your blog. Being a cousin of four exremely loud boys and having a real close relationship with my ten year old neighbour (babysitter since the age of three, an English & History teacher now, a playmate and a cinema companion whenever I want to watch a new animation movie - it's amazing how guilty free you feel when you buy tickets for a Disney movie having a little kid jumping restlessly next to you), I enjoyed you little one's new experiences and learned so much for the everyday life in Korea. I think the blog trivias you post will make a few really exciting stories for my cousins. I try to show them that there is a world outside of Greece and that includes the Western world as well (USA, Canada & central Europe as we have friends and family all over).

    Again, thank you for posting your experiences and my mother as a 40 year in experience phychologist said that he is just well behaved and knows the daily routine. It's possible that the daycare really helped setting examples for him to follow at home so OCD is out of your cards for now. Yet if you notice him arranging his toys from smaller to bigger constantly or categorise them with a specific order etc and he is under the age of two or three then this would be a bit worrisome.