Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ya! Pororo da!

Today we met up with some fellow expats for a play date at Pororo Park, an indoor children's theme park. In case you're wondering, Pororo is a little blue penguin and star of a Korean animated tv series. It's a really huge franchise (tv series, books, toys, and now a theme park); so popular, in fact, that Pororo has earned the nickname "Pororo the president".

To my surprise, I recently learned that Logan is a big Pororo fan (must've learned from the bigger kids at daycare). For the past week, he's been walking around the house randomly muttering "po-po". So today he played hooky from daycare and got the chance to meet Pororo.

We were some of the first to arrive and got the ball pit all to ourselves (briefly) ~ woohoo!

Don't know how he did it. This was gently rocking/spinning and gave me vertigo, but he seemed unphased.

Hanging out with Pororo and Crong.

Inside Pororo's house.

Reminded me of going to Chuck E. Cheese's as a kid :)

 Good times at Pororo Park. Hopefully Daddy can join us next time ^.^

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