Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

Today was the 2nd Annual “Olle Club” Christmas Party. We’re an odd bunch: a 20-something-year-old University student, 30-something-year-old elementary & middle school teachers, a 50-something-year-old middle school principal, and me. We met in 2008 at Kyonggi University here in Suwon. I was their TESOL teacher trainer.  We became friends and formed a club of sorts.

On Jeju Island, “Olle” means a narrow pathway that connects the street to the front gate of a house. It is also the name of walking paths along the coastal perimeter of the island and has the connotation of “let’s go!” We named our club “Olle” with the intention of meeting and/or traveling together semi-regularly. Not coincidentally, our first trip in 2009 was to Jeju Island. We’ve also stayed at a pension in Gyeryongsan National Park, and we've met quite a few times at local restaurants and coffee shops. Our next trip, to Gapyeong County to visit Petite France and Nami Island, is planned for February.

So, back to the Christmas Party. I hosted this year. We gorged ourselves on Chinese delivery, cake, and other snacks; played a few party games; and did Secret Santa. I got a great new hat this year. We haven’t met since I was pregnant, so Logan, of course, was the center of attention. And, he had no trouble at all charming the ladies with his dimpled smile in his adorable new Grinch sleeper (courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa). It was a great Saturday afternoon.

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