Sunday, December 12, 2010

Herb Island

Today we went to Herb Island in search of the Spirit of Christmas. It's a whimsical tourist attraction with a botanical garden, herb museum, restaurant, cafe, bakery, variety of gift shops, aroma therapy center and spa. It's 100km north of our place and took just over 2hours to get to. We planned it so we arrived in mid-afternoon and stayed until just after dark to catch the Christmas lights festival.

We had been told that Santa was going to be there (we even called ahead to confirm). Alas, the Korean idea of pictures with Santa differs ever so slightly...

After a good laugh over what will forever be Logan's first picture with Santa(s), we meandered around the 'island' (I assure you, it is not an island).

It was quite chilly, so we ducked into the Herb Restaurant for some herb bibimbap (chock full of fresh herbs, edible flowers, and other greens) and donggas "Japanese pork cutlet". Much to our delight, they provided us with a Jellymom for Logan to sit in while we ate.

We did a little (window) shopping after lunch.

And visited the herb museum.

Then went outside just after sunset to enjoy the lights.

We had a good time and are feeling a tad more "Christmassy" now :P


  1. Logan, you are the cutest bundle of joy! Give Grandma a kiss. The Christmas lights are super!
    Sarah, you do a wonderful job with your commentary.

  2. You took some lovely photos! We're planning on visiting Herb Island in the beginning of January, it looks so pretty!
    Merry Christmas!