Tuesday, December 7, 2010


For anyone who doesn't know, a Bumbo seat is a portable chair made of low-density foam designed for infants who are too young yet to sit up on their own. While shopping in COSTCO a few weeks back, we stuck Logan in the display Bumbo and he seemed to love it. It could have been all the attention from shoppers who stopped in their tracks to admire him or the fact that he was getting to see the world from a new perspective. Whatever the reason, it seemed to tickle his fancy (and ours at the mere sight of him in it), so we decided we wanted one. I thought perhaps I could buy a used one on-line (recall my craigslist addiction), but to no avail. Then, a fellow expat mom suggested the Korean knockoff, "Jellymom" ~ apparently just as good as the 'real' thing and considerably cheaper. Long story short, it arrived today and now everyone's happy. Logan gets to be a bit more independent and interact differently with the world, and we saved a bit of money. Hurray for Jellymom!

No more lying down for this little guy
The tray is optional, but we thought it a good idea for playing.
 Guess we were right :P

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