Monday, December 27, 2010


Earlier this year, I discovered the joy of hanji gong-ye "traditional paper craft". The government offers free classes to spouses of Korean nationals, so I took advantage of their hanji and Korean language class offerings while I was pregnant. It's easy, fun, and makes for great gifts; I gave most of what I made to family and friends for Christmas this year. Each item comes as a kit and takes under an hour to make (but quite a number of hours to dry). Here are a few pictures of what I've kept for myself:

This is meant to be a tea container, but I don't put anything in it.

It's empty, see...

This one's a piggy bank.

And a tissue box.


  1. How lovely! I've always wanted to study Korean arts more. I did a ribbon art class before Thomas was born and really loved it! One day again maybe!

  2. Yes, I really enjoy doing this. I'd love to take another class again some time; maybe when Logan's old enough to entertain himself for lengthy periods of time^^

  3. heeeey, i didn't get one.... booooo!!

  4. haha sorry Mel, but none of the 'gang' did, if that makes you feel any better :P