Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tips for Happy Teething

Hello. It's me again, Logan. My gums are feeling itchy thesedays, so I find it necessary to put things in my mouth.  Mommy and Daddy think I'm going to sprout some teeth in the not so distant future :P

Here are my tips for a happy teething experience:

#1 Taste test your favourite playmate. In my case, Mr. Inchworm.

#2 Ask someone to buy you a teething toy. This giraffe from Mel & Evan provides plenty of chomping pleasure!

#3 Grab whatever is nearby. Here, I happened to be in arms reach of the giraffe that's part of my playgym.

#4 Not satiatied after a meal?  Pas de problem! Just eat the bib :)

#5 And when toys are not within reach, simply use the blanket (your sleeves will also suffice).


  1. i am missing a HELLUVA a lot more sleep these days AND suffering from an unclean house and quick throw together meals because mr. rhys is finally cutting his two bottoms and not sleeping and needing to be held ALL the time....'ll pass, i knoooow.....